Method To Regenerate Your Entire Immune System In 72 Hours!

Method To Regenerate Your Entire Immune System In 72 Hours!

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The immune system is of great importance to keep our organism in perfect condition. It is necessary that we are always alert in case there is a failure in it, many times the warning signs go unnoticed because we do not know enough about the functions that it fulfills.

Most of the body’s defenses are located in the immune system, if these defenses fail they leave the body exposed to receive any virus or bacteria that causes common diseases or severe diseases.

It is important to know that there are many conventional treatments to treat the immune system, but many of them are not effective and may even cause side effects that put the health of other organs at risk. This is why it is so important to know 100% effective natural methods to take care of the immune system.

Recovers the strength of the immune system in 72 hours naturally

In recent studies, researchers have discovered one of the best ways to restore and recharge the immune system; one at no cost and that also works for the elderly.

The University of Southern California has discovered that the act of fasting for only three days can regenerate the entire immune system , even in the elderly. Although it sounds impossible, stop eating seems to be the answer.

During the study it was detected that fasting causes the body’s stem cells to start producing new white blood cells, which help fight infections and all kinds of agents that attack our body.

Professor Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California, told The Telegraph in the United Kingdom that “Fasting gives the ‘OK’ to stem cells to move forward and start proliferation and reconstruction of the whole system. ”

The study consisted in having the participants fast regularly between 2-4 days during a 6-month period. According to Dr. Longo, a person’s system recycles immune cells that are not necessary, especially damaged, in order to create energy while fasting.

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