This Fruit Serves As a Treatment Against Cancer, Diabetes, Myopia and More

This Fruit Serves As a Treatment Against Cancer, Diabetes, Myopia and More

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The gooseberry, better known as amla or amalaki, “the fruit of the amalaki tree (emblica officinalis, gaertn.) is very well considered in the ayurvedic tradition, a thousand-year-old natural treatment medicine, original of india. It is a fruit rich in Vitamin C, and those of Complex B.

In addition, it provides phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese and chromium.

In Ayurveda it is used as a treatment with the purpose of renewing and strengthening the body, as well as improving digestion and strengthening the response of the body’s immune system against all types of diseases. ”

It regulates the levels of fat in the blood.

This is the most well-known property and is why it is frequently used in natural medicine as a treatment.

The gooseberry reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Instead, it increases good cholesterol (HDL) and evidently benefits cardiovascular health.

It is considered that the effects that has the gooseberry regulating cholesterol levels, are superior to those of simvastatin (drug indicated to patients to reduce blood cholesterol levels) – To take advantage of all its properties, you should only consume them a or two fresh gooseberries a day.

Anti-fall treatment

Another of the most frequent uses is as a hair strengthening treatment.

The currant helps the growth and anti hair loss, strengthens the broken hair and combats the premature aging of this. All this thanks to its high content of Vitamin C.

Anti-fall Natural Remedy

It is always a great help to consume the foods that help you grow hair, so adding a few gooseberries to your daily diet will be helping you from the inside.

In addition, it works excellently if you use currant oil, applying it with gentle massages on the scalp, three times per week or in each wash you do on your hair.

Treatment Improves visual health.

As you already know, Vitamin A is one of the vitamins of sight, so added to vitamin C, it favors and vitalizes your capillaries, the cells of the retina and reduces the pressure in the eyes. Like, help to reduce the progress of myopia and cataracts. In addition to eliminating symptoms such as tearing, redness and burning eyes.

In terms of improving vision, add two tablespoons of currant juice in 12 oz. Of water and drink on an empty stomach every day.

Regulates glucose levels.

The gooseberry is recommended to be consumed daily by diabetics, thanks to the chromium it has, which functions as a natural leveler of carbohydrates in the body and blood glucose.

Home remedy for patients with diabetes

Pour into a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two teaspoons of currant powder. Dilute well, and drink immediately.

Drink it as a daily treatment on an empty stomach, after half an hour you will be able to have breakfast normally.

Strengthens the immune system

Vitamin C is a powerful immune stimulant that helps replenish the immune system of our body and prevents infectious diseases, it even helps us to prevent some types of cancer. It also serves as a natural antioxidant, able to counteract the damage caused by free radicals, preserving the health of the different tissues of the body.

-Mix half a cup of warm water with half a cup of fresh gooseberry juice. Drink on an empty stomach daily to regenerate the immune system.

Protection of the intestines.

Its high fiber content helps the regeneration of the intestines and take care of certain acute disorders. In fact, some research indicates that it prevents intestinal cancer.

To treat intestinal problems and diarrhea, prepare a tea with the leaves of the gooseberry. Drink a cup daily to eliminate symptoms.

If otherwise, it is constipation, drink juice of fresh currants, at least half a glass daily and fasting.

If you have not yet tasted this miraculous fruit, it is time to include it in your diet, remember the key to a balanced diet is in the variety and knowing the benefits of gooseberry, nothing you lose with trying it, and much you can benefit!

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