Here I Will Teach You To Prepare A Good Natural Cream To Rejuvenate Your Hands Up To 10 Years.

Here I Will Teach You To Prepare A Good Natural Cream To Rejuvenate Your Hands Up To 10 Years.

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Every day we use our hands to perform our daily tasks. We expose it to hot temperatures and immediately wet it with cold water. We do this unconsciously, but in the end we end up mistreating both internal and external, the skin.

Another factor that mistreats the skin of our hands and that of the whole body are the sun’s rays. This results in the appearance of spots and causes the skin to darken. When this happens we usually become complex and ashamed to show our hands to others.

To whiten the hands and to eliminate the spots of the skin, there are Natural Cream and treatments. However, these treatments are often quite expensive and, in most cases, do not solve the problem.

We will teach you to prepare a completely natural treatment with which you can nourish and whiten the skin of your hands. You can also remove stains from any part of your body.

Natural treatment to whiten and remove hand stains

This treatment is completely natural and will not cause any damage to your skin . It will nourish, whiten and remove stains from your hands so that you can show them in front of you.

The ingredients of this treatment can ensure that you have them all in your kitchen pantry. Which means you will not spend a single peso and achieve the same thing you can with any other expensive treatment.


-A spoonful of gelatin powder
-Two tablespoons of milk
-A spoonful of ground oats
-Some spoonfuls of cucumber juice
-One teaspoon of baking soda

Development and use:

The preparation of this treatment is very easy, you just have to mix all the ingredients in a container. Stop mixing when a homogeneous cream has been created. Next, heat the mixture a little, preferably in the microwave.

When the mixture is hot, we will rub this mixture in the hands. Massage the palms a little, each of the fingers and back. Leave on for a few minutes and then remove with plenty of warm water. This treatment will be repeated twice a week and after the third week there will be great changes.

Start from today to apply this cream on your hands to rejuvenate it, in a short time everyone will ask you what it was that you did with your hands and they would be very beautiful.

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