What Your Body Can Do To Eat A Banana And An Avocado Every Day

What Your Body Can Do To Eat A Banana And An Avocado Every Day

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The banana is a fruit very rich in potassium, which prevents us from cramping, is ideal for people who perform exercises, while the avocado also provides a large amount of nutrients.

But do you know what makes your body eat a banana and an avocado every day?

Nothing more and nothing less that help you prevent heart attacks. So in this article we will give you the reason why these foods are able to do that and so do not stop including them in your daily diet.

Bananas and avocados can prevent heart attacks

Bananas are rich in potassium, while avocados contain surprising amounts of magnesium. Therefore, like other foods, they can prevent and alleviate health problems that affect you.

Both bananas and avocados are wonderful fruits, which are recently attributed to the prevention of cardiac arrest.

It has been possible to demonstrate that a deficient consumption of potassium and / or magnesium can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. However, just by eating a banana and / or avocado daily, you can prevent hardening of the arteries.

How do these foods to prevent heart attacks?

A new study conducted by the University of Alabama, our as in animal model was achieved relieve vascular calcification. It was shown that intracellular concentrations of both magnesium and potassium share a close link. The consequence of the imbalance in its concentrations, brings as a consequence hypokalemia, or as it is also called, low concentration of potassium.

The scientists revealed that eating bananas and avocados daily, can protect you directly from heart disease, or in particular, from contracting atherosclerosis. It can also reduce the risk of arterial blockages, which often require surgery.

The study in animals found that it reduces arterial calcification, one of the complications of cardiovascular disease.

The mice under study were given an alternative diet with low, normal or high potassium levels. Those with the highest levels, had substantially more flexible arteries, in parallel, those with lower levels, showed hardening.

This happens the same in humans. When foods with high amounts of these minerals are included in a diet, it is easier to prevent heart attacks.

Arterial calcification alone is one of the conditions that constant potassium consumption helps prevent. Also, this mineral can contribute to the following serious conditions:

-Metabolic syndrome
-Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

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