Human Papilloma, A Silent Enemy, But Nature Has The Solution And We Show It To You By Touching The Photo

Human Papilloma, A Silent Enemy, But Nature Has The Solution And We Show It To You By Touching The Photo

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While it is true, each of us know the human papilloma virus, a virus that generates a kind of deformation similar to a tumor on our skin, with a brown shape and a soft consistency. However, this tumor is usually totally benign.

Human papilloma virus, usually HPV, is usually highly contagious. The agent that originates it can be transmitted through a contact as simple as a handshake or a sexual illness. It can also be infected by infected objects through wounds such as scratches, scrapes, etc.

It usually manifests itself as the wrinkles we know and few give great importance to these. However, if you have any on your face, especially in an area near your eyes, mouth or nose, it is important to have help from specialists. You can even try alternative methods to conventional creams.

Sometimes the papillomas disappear on their own, if it is not your case you should always remember to consult with your doctor, before applying any type of treatment, including the ones we will tell you next.

These are some of the natural methods in which you can reduce these deformations

Apply celandine juice:

a very old method and to date highly effective. With this juice, you will be able to eliminate warts, acne and annoying deformations . Add baby moisturizer and on this you place the juice. Let it dry for at least 3 hours to take effect.

Potato juice:

You can apply fresh potato juice about 3 times a day. With a week will be good results, continue the treatment until there is no sign of the tumor.

Vitamin E:

With oil of this vitamin, rubbing at least 2 times a day, you will notice very good results on all your skin . You can combine with garlic overnight and apply for 2 weeks, to reinforce its effects.


They are the ideal option in hot climates. You need to fill a container of this plant and let it sit at least 2 weeks in some dark place. Then proceed to use the ink with the papilloma for 5 times a day, as long as it takes.


A natural and medicinal ingredient suitable to reduce various kinds of inflammations and deformations in the skin. Rub the area with a wet ginger for at least 2 weeks.

Tea tree oil:

Apply a couple of drops and rub gently using a cotton ball. Use for at least 3 times a day.

Apple cider oil:

Once you clean the area with cream or vegetable oil, you should apply a handkerchief moistened in the vinegar. Apply this treatment every 7 hours a day, for a week.

Lemon juice:

This citrus is able to break down the cells that originate the papilloma. Simply apply on the infected area and let dry, apply for 3 weeks but remember to avoid sun exposure.

Oregano oil:

Mix 3 drops of this oil with 6 coconut oil and distribute on the papilloma formation. Apply 3 times a day until the deformation dries and ends up falling on its own. If you liked the information, do not forget to share the good news.

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