Know What Camphor Is For and What Are The Benefits of Camphor That You Did Not Know and Need To Know

Know What Camphor Is For and What Are The Benefits of Camphor That You Did Not Know and Need To Know

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Have you ever heard about camphor? Surely your grandmother has named him more than once! It is a plant used to treat various ailments, especially catarrh, inflammation of the respiratory tract and congested nose.

Well today we will talk about the benefits of camphor that you did not know, and what is the use of camphor ?. Camphor is a crystalline substance with a slight whitish color, which is used as an insecticide, antiseptic and flavoring agent.

You probably know the smell of camphor, because it is quite distinctive and fresh. Its flavor is somewhat bitter like mint, it is slightly refreshing and its aroma is special.

So at the time of application in certain areas you can feel numbness or numbness, since camphor has analgesic properties, and also, because it is quickly absorbed by the pores (you have to pay attention, since some people are allergic and suffer from irritation after the application) remember to visit our natural health page.

Benefits of camphor

For skin care:

Has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States for the use of skin care, only if the concentration in the product is between 3 and 11 percent.

Ayurveda is based on the use of camphor for many of its treatments.

Iis undoubtedly one of the best treatments for pimples and acne. Its wonderful healing properties that can eliminate the scars caused by acne and pimples.

Has anti-inflammatory properties; It reduces the tendency of the skin to penetrate the pimples and acne. C.oil can be a panacea for skin problems, so many skin lotions and ointments that use camphor as one of the ingredients.

Itching and irritation:

Can be used to relieve the itching and irritation of the skin. The application of camphor in the affected areas, the camphor compound in active nerve endings, and this produces a relaxing sensation. Not only does it bring relief from itching and irritation, but it reduces the incidence of skin redness.


Can be used to relieve pain caused by skin sores and insect bites. It can be used as rubbing and applied directly to the skin.


Can be used as a treatment for minor burns. Can be used to remove scars from burns, as well. For this, it is necessary to dissolve a small amount of camphor in water and apply in that particular place of burning or cutting. This should be done on a daily basis until the scars disappear.


Camphor is known to be a good remedy for acne. Reduces redness and irritation. Camphor can help eliminate those ugly scars caused by acne. With the help of camphor, you can find your perfect and flawless skin.


Is used to relieve eczema and control itching. It is a wonderful treatment when your eczema and you are trying to control the inflammation and itching.

Nail Mushroom:

Has been found to be effective in the treatment of nail fungus. The nail fungus can be stubborn and has a tendency to recur. If the nail treatment is maintained, it minimizes the chances of mushroom return.

Cracked heels:

Softens the cracked and irregular heels. For the relief of cracked heels, you should soak your feet in a solution of camphor and water and then rub your feet. Following this, you can apply the cream, moisturizer or Vaseline on them. This will keep your skin moist and prevent the appearance of cracks.


Dissolved in water and applied in rashes can actually make them disappear after a few days of repeated use. Is particularly good for skin rashes that occur due to excessive heat and sweating.

Fungal and bacterial infections:

Is used in many skin ointments that are used to treat a wide range of fungal and bacterial infections.

Note: It is important to check if you are allergic to this chemical before using it to treat skin problems. If it does not suit you, it can aggravate the condition of the skin. Also, it should not be applied on the open skin. It can enter the body through the skin and cause broken poisoning, especially if the concentration of camphor in the body of salt.

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