Leaves That Serve to Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots, and Skin Allergies

Leaves That Serve to Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots, and Skin Allergies

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Beat Wrinkles

Worried and want to beat wrinkles, skin acne, spots, hypersensitivity or dark spots all over the face?

All things considered, you do not have to get chemical drugs to get rid of them. A simple and normal solution for this is the guava leaves.

Here are 4 ways the amazing leaf can help to overcome these skin problems.

Get rid of wrinkles

Numerous studies have confirmed the anticancer properties of guava, finding that the leaf is even more potent in the destruction of free radicals in the body of the fruit itself . This also classifies the guava leaves as a powerful anti-wrinkle tool. In addition to successfully fighting against wrinkles, you can also improve the quality of the skin.

Treat acne

A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine found that guava leaves have very powerful antibacterial properties that are highly beneficial against the microscopic organisms that cause acne. Except for eliminating the causes of acne, guava leaves can soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of pimples.

Cure atopic dermatitis

Guava leaves also contain anti-allergic properties that inhibit the creation of histamines (chemicals that are released into the body as part of an allergic reaction, causing typical pizacon, sneezing and wheezing). On the other hand, the leaves can also relieve the redness and irritation caused by atopic dermatitis.

Brighten the dark spots.

The red and dark spots on the face can also be treated with guava leaves. The leaf contains agents that help reduce irritation by destroying microscopic organisms. It also acts as a toning agent .

Take a couple of guava leaves. If you are treating atopic dermatitis, then use dry leaves.
Crush the leaves and add them to a pot of boiling water.
Let it boil until the water turns brown and looks concentrated.
Let cool.
Then, using a cotton ball, apply the tonic all over the face or in the affected area.

Leave on for about fifteen minutes

Next, wash your face with warm water.
Do the treatment twice a week to get better results.
In the case of atopic dermatitis, crush the dried leaves and add them to a hot tub.

This will effectively relieve the itching and redness, thus relieving the discomfort they produce.

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