Everyone Especially Women Should Know These Twelve Discomforts That Indicate That You Lack Magnesium

Everyone Especially Women Should Know These Twelve Discomforts That Indicate That You Lack Magnesium

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Experts and many people know that magnesium is an important mineral if you need energy, because it is primarily responsible for producing and distributing it throughout the body.


The cramps appear when our body has a lack of magnesium, in chronic cases it can get to suffer slight paralysis or pain of the affected limb.

Migraines and constant headaches

The lack of magnesium causes the contraction of blood vessels that are in our brain, this causes the decrease of serotonin, impairs the functions of neurotransmitters and causes headaches that can end in migraine.

Problems related to sleep

The lack of magnesium makes our body more prone to suffer stress that in turn causes an increase in blood pressure, and that ends in sleep problems.

Irregular heartbeats

The lack of magnesium causes a reduction in the cardiac pressure, with slow beats and that can become tachycardia, that is a step to suffer infarcts.

Hearing disorders

Having hearing sensitivity is recurrent in these cases of lack of magnesium. This is caused by an alteration in the nervous system.

Recurrent seizures

Insufficiency causes alterations in the nervous system that develop seizures and in this case immediate medical attention is recommended.

Bone problems

Magnesium works together with calcium to strengthen bones. And the lack of magnesium causes pain in the bones and that can be chronic if it is not treated with urgency.

High blood pressure

Affects the circulation of the blood, because the veins and arteries are obstructed by the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides.


Having a lack of magnesiu can not control blood sugar, then the severity of diabetes increases and can lead to hypothyroidism, obesity, etc.


The nerves in the brain and the glands are affected, generating anxiety, depression, mood swings, stress and vision problems.


Has the responsibility of eliminating the bacteria and toxins that are lodged in our body and the best way to expel is with the fecal waste, but the lack of this mineral causes constipation.

Positive effects of magnesium

-Relays and relaxes the musculature: magnesium is essential for athletes.

-Reinforce the heart muscle.

-Equilibrates the nervous system: fundamental in cases of stress, depression, anxiety.

-Contributes to sleep better.

-It helps to create collagen, essential for the skeleton, tendons and cartilages.

-Brack prostatic inflammation.

-Alivia pains.

It helps to absorb and fix calcium, so in cases of osteoporosis, caries, etc. Should be taken, especially if we are already taking calcium supplements, so that they are balanced. An excess and abuse only of calcium can be harmful to health.

Alkalinizes the body: an unbalanced body is always acid, due to bad habits, poor diet, pollution, stress, etc. Magnesium rebalances the pH.

-Increases the secretion of insulin, facilitating the metabolism of sugar.

-Helps control cases of asthma and bronchitis.

-Reduces epileptic attacks.

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